Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Xmas, Xmas, Xmas.

this was how i spent my christmas. was at SG/JB back and forth basically because it was cheaper to stay in JB, plus it's holidays seasons, hotels in SG wouldn't be any cheaper. we do have relatives there but thought that it wouldn't be appropriate/enough since there's SO many of us, so yeap, opted for a decent hotel in JB instead. rooms were pretty decent really.

anywayyyyyyyy, we set out after brunch on 25th and reached JB at around...5pm. rested and had dinner. went to bed and woke up early for breakfast the next day.

didn't do much really the next day, we thought the jam at the causeway was going to subside but lol nawh, it didn't. shopped around Orchard for about 2 hours (didn't even visit Ion :[ ) and it was christmas party over at my uncle's place! dinner was fine since i haven't seen some of them for ages and even my nephew (as in my cousin's baby) grew SO much. you know how babies grow....aaaand i also saw my cousin whom had just took up a job in SG, didn't had the chance to see her before she left but it was good to see her again. lol i love her because she used to supply me free medication.okay, that aside...i don't have any photos because my brother didn't bring the camera along. so yup :3 no photos for the first 2 days.

Universal Studio Singapore the next day!!

place is really pretty :D it's not as big as Everland but i love the themes and everything. heh.

a siblings photo in front of the globe is obligatory.

and of course a complete family photo is obligatory too :>

popcorns are mum's fav. haha, the popcorn shop was flooded with people and hmmmm, cheese and caramel popcorns actually go pretty well together :D

guess who we saw near the entrance!!?! lol yes, if you'd watched Kungfu Panda, you would know him. Po is such a big panda and you do have to line up for photos with him. it was initially just the few of us but we called out everyone so the photo ended up with all of us in. hahahaha stupid panda pranked my sisters and cousin, i don't know what happened i just heard them screaming after taking the photos and everyone turned to look hahahahahaha.

Shrek's castle! :P queued up for the 4D show. love the show! ahahaha, loved the effects and everything. our timing was great too so we didn't exactly queue up for long. there was also Madagascar themed rides but most of it are for kids, still was cute nonetheless.

initially wanted to go for the water raft ride but waiting time was forever, so we didn't queue for it but the mummy rollercoaster ride was really fun. my cousin actually spoiled it for us, so we already knew what was going to happen. pretty creepy but omg the backwards motion thing was so cool jfnaksndks

this is the Water World show. that's the wet area, there's semi dry and fully dry areas too. obviously took the fully dry area seats. these people on wet areas literally get fully wet on set lmao. but the show was interesting! and it looks just like the movie set too.

so anyway, since we'd been walking around for hours...decided that we should go have some food. you'd actually receive a $5 meal voucher and $5 retail voucher. you'll have to redeem it with your entrance ticket.

we dined in this burger place and omg, that place is so pretty. i love all that retro diners theme with the jukebox and red/white chairs.

met up with our parents after our food and walked around a little bit more before heading to the merchandise shop for souvenirs.

just outside the mummy ride we took. the waiting time wasn't too long either...20 mins i think? and also because the ride was short. hahahaha and out of nowhere this TAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL man in egyptian clothes walked around. omg, he was actually quite scary :3

this was the only ride's that's still under construction...there's actually 2 tracks and apparently one is crazier and another is less exciting but idk, it's not launched yet. i'd be happy to try!

one of the vintage cars around....

we missed this last show at 6pm. it was also full house and it was the last show...sigh.

keke, outside the merchandise shop. the rides close at 7pm but shops close at 7:30pm. oh god the crowd is nutz. i saw how packed it was and instantly decided to just stand outside and wait. lmao. i really can't deal with crowd sometimes.

since i was too free, i went round nearby for some photos. hehe, even saw woody woodpecker's girlfriend. don't know her name because.....i really didn't know there was a female version of him.

 i like this shop. it's all old and vintagey and jfnaskndksna the architectures and designs are amazing. it's actually a shop to wash your photos instantly. heh.

i really like the interior of this cafe and bakery ohmygod. it's as if they came out from the 60's. everything was bright and vintage inside.

they finally finished shopping after like 40 mins or so :/ we also visited the hard rock cafe there and hehe bought some shirts too.

while we were spending time in the hard rock shop, my brother and some of my cousins were outside the waterfront and watching this ~crane show~. looks funky from the photo!

we shopped around at marina bay sands the next day. had the whole day there and went back to JB after dinner.

didn't really buy much though and...............yes, that's the end of my trip. lol, got sick on the day home omg. gastric and fever all together plus that 5 hours journey home...i swear there's nothing worse than that and i always seems to fall sick when i'm singapore LMAO. i can't even eat because my stomach hurts when i eat something and lol literally had no energy and the bones....felt like someone was stepping on my bones but yes, at least it's on the last day :X

i'm trying to jump break this post because it has a lot of photos but i don't know why it's not working with my kkkkoooollll layout. so lolol, i'm sorry if loading this lags everything!

signing out rn, peace!


~*eley *~ said...

so fun! i want to go universals too.. :( were the rides nice?

Bao said...

the rides were okay, quite fun! but universals itself isn't very very big. hehe, most rides are for kids. you know like madagascar themed merry go round..or jurassic park flying dino rides for kids.

exciting rides need super long waiting time so we gave up and went to watch other shows instead haha but if you go during normal days should be quite alright lah.

but i love the buildings though. so cute!!! and pretty too, the hollywood road's shops are really vintage and pretty :(