Monday, June 06, 2011


hehe, i mean honestly...if you're still coming back here, you'd probably be disappointed with me again and again for not updating anything. truth is, i'm just lazy to write anything nowadays.

i'm busier on tumblr than i am on here now, so in case if you want to catch up with my life...go on to tumblr okay? right now i'm just using my fandom tumblr to write (very very short) updates, even that it takes me ages to write one. my photos >, don't say i didn't warn you though, but that's just temporary until i decide to make a separate tumblr for more ~personal~ stuff which won't be anytime soon...then again! no one ever comes here anymore XD

i'm actually the busiest on twitter, you'd know what i'm doing if you follow me on twitter because i update so much sometimes people think i have nothing else to do other than sitting down and tweet whole day....

right now i'm just on my summer break but i feel like i have tonnes to do. oh! i'd also just came back from taiwan. love that place :) and again....if you want any photos, just go on tumblr! but you'll have to scroll back for it.

....................................i run out of words to write too fast. logging out now, kbye.

oh, my tumblr site:

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Real Eyes.

trying to pop in here as often as i can....

work's been...well, as usual, work. presentations, reports and all that due dates to meet.

less packed time table = 1192039 times more work. not the best equation in the world, but i've got to do what i've got to do.

still digging the song that's playing on my page a lot. jeesu's falsetto will always be chocolate to my ears. i'm sorry if it interferes with whatever you have on your player. you know i like sharing music :P

shall sleep in a bit. bye.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


i almost don't update my blog nowadays...but if i do i'm probably here talking about good music. well....possibly not the kind of music everyone really enjoys...they either find it slow/boring/etc.. haha, doesn't really matter since this is what good music is to me :D

anyway, check this song out! original version was by Standing Egg and they later on had another acoustic version with Ra.D. loved both versions really.

this only 17 years old. why are young talented boys doing in my life I DON'T KNOW. possibly a contestant from superstar k (korean vers. of american idol) but i'm not too sure either..just happened to stumble upon his video on indie2go.

sigh... life is mundane. shall go do some work. bye y'all.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


honestly, how amazing is this guy?

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Xmas, Xmas, Xmas.

this was how i spent my christmas. was at SG/JB back and forth basically because it was cheaper to stay in JB, plus it's holidays seasons, hotels in SG wouldn't be any cheaper. we do have relatives there but thought that it wouldn't be appropriate/enough since there's SO many of us, so yeap, opted for a decent hotel in JB instead. rooms were pretty decent really.

anywayyyyyyyy, we set out after brunch on 25th and reached JB at around...5pm. rested and had dinner. went to bed and woke up early for breakfast the next day.

didn't do much really the next day, we thought the jam at the causeway was going to subside but lol nawh, it didn't. shopped around Orchard for about 2 hours (didn't even visit Ion :[ ) and it was christmas party over at my uncle's place! dinner was fine since i haven't seen some of them for ages and even my nephew (as in my cousin's baby) grew SO much. you know how babies grow....aaaand i also saw my cousin whom had just took up a job in SG, didn't had the chance to see her before she left but it was good to see her again. lol i love her because she used to supply me free medication.okay, that aside...i don't have any photos because my brother didn't bring the camera along. so yup :3 no photos for the first 2 days.

Universal Studio Singapore the next day!!

place is really pretty :D it's not as big as Everland but i love the themes and everything. heh.

a siblings photo in front of the globe is obligatory.