Monday, June 06, 2011


hehe, i mean honestly...if you're still coming back here, you'd probably be disappointed with me again and again for not updating anything. truth is, i'm just lazy to write anything nowadays.

i'm busier on tumblr than i am on here now, so in case if you want to catch up with my life...go on to tumblr okay? right now i'm just using my fandom tumblr to write (very very short) updates, even that it takes me ages to write one. my photos >, don't say i didn't warn you though, but that's just temporary until i decide to make a separate tumblr for more ~personal~ stuff which won't be anytime soon...then again! no one ever comes here anymore XD

i'm actually the busiest on twitter, you'd know what i'm doing if you follow me on twitter because i update so much sometimes people think i have nothing else to do other than sitting down and tweet whole day....

right now i'm just on my summer break but i feel like i have tonnes to do. oh! i'd also just came back from taiwan. love that place :) and again....if you want any photos, just go on tumblr! but you'll have to scroll back for it.

....................................i run out of words to write too fast. logging out now, kbye.

oh, my tumblr site:

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