Saturday, February 26, 2011


i almost don't update my blog nowadays...but if i do i'm probably here talking about good music. well....possibly not the kind of music everyone really enjoys...they either find it slow/boring/etc.. haha, doesn't really matter since this is what good music is to me :D

anyway, check this song out! original version was by Standing Egg and they later on had another acoustic version with Ra.D. loved both versions really.

this only 17 years old. why are young talented boys doing in my life I DON'T KNOW. possibly a contestant from superstar k (korean vers. of american idol) but i'm not too sure either..just happened to stumble upon his video on indie2go.

sigh... life is mundane. shall go do some work. bye y'all.


~*eley *~ said...

<3 wedding song material!

Bao said...

omg you still come back to my blog!! i don't even blog here now but yes this is such a wedding song material.